P.O.P.R.C. Standings

 In 2020, the POPRC is looking to AWARD the best shooters in the Series a CASH payout. The Payout process is still in the works, but shooters can fully expect that PRO shooters will be separated from the other shooters and both will compete for their respective Division. The intention is to pay out up to 10 shooters at the conclusion of the series with at least 5 of those positions being TOP 5 OPEN non-pro. We are also looking to Pay out to Tactical; Production; Gas Gun (if enough sign up for it; and were also looking to provide to Senior, MIL/LE, LADY, and PRO. We have also lowered match fees to $78 per match and plan to use a portion of each match fee towards the end of year payouts.  In addition, each match will count towards PRS Regional Club Series points.    

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