SHC Precision Rifle League


The SHC Precision Rifle League is a Series of PRS style matches aimed at new shooters interested in PRS style competitions. These matches utilize a longer PAR time, larger steel, and allow coaching on the clock to assist all shooters in improving. This is an extremely friendly environment in which all competitors are willing to help new shooters with gear, knowledge, and coaching. 

These matches consist of 6 stage PRS style stages. These matches require 60 round of match grade ammunition, a scope with turrets capable of dialing elevation, and a 1MOA or better rifle.   

This season we will be expanding the number of shooter categories. Make sure you choose the category you wish to compete in: 

· Elite (all stages run with 90sec par time)

· Open, tactical (223 with 77gr bullet or smaller at 3000fps or slower; or 308 with 178gr bullet or smaller at 2800fps or slower)

· Youth (17 and under)

· Senior (55+)

· Lady will be the categories you can choose to compete in. 

The top shooter from each category will be represented at the finale in November 2019. 

Matches are shot on Thursday Evenings.  Please check the schedule on the home page.

Check-in is at the 700 range. Please arrive between 5-5:30PM. Safety brief will be promptly at 5:45 and first shots will be by 6PM sharp. 

Please fill out the online waiver once per calendar year HERE

Cost: $25 upon arrival

Range Address:

10321 Silica Sand Rd. 

Garrettsville, Ohio 44231 

Please contact Matt Stiner directly with questions. Text works the most efficiently. (330) 207-5847