Precision RIfle Skill MatchES


The SHC Precision Rifle Skills Matches will be a Series of Bench Rest / Prone style matches aimed at shooters that are interested in honing their long range precision rifle skills. These matches will utilize KYL racks in which targets are aligned largest to smallest. Each target will have a designated point value and shooters will have 7 rounds to engage any of the targets on the particular rack. Shooters will be able to move from target to target or engage only the target of their choice. The shooters will have to notify the spotter / scorer that they are moving to a different target. This is an extremely friendly environment in which all competitors are willing to help new shooters with gear, knowledge, and coaching.  

These matches consist of 8 target arrays. These matches require 56 round of ammo to complete the course of fire.  


1. Scope with external turrets

2. Rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy

3. Ballistic App / Kestrel and basic knowledge of how to use

4. Match Grade Ammo. NO Steel jacketed or cored ammo.

5. Bipod

** If you cannot meet these all of these requirements please call me (# is below) and I will do all that I can to get you involved **

*** If you show up without these items you cannot participate ***

When registering on Practiscore please select a division. This will allow you to compare yourself to similar peers.  

· Open, 

· tactical (223 with 77gr bullet or smaller at 3000fps or slower; or 308 with 178gr bullet or smaller at 2800fps or slower)

· Youth (17 and under)

· Senior (55+)

· Lady

There will be several of these matches through the remainder of the winter on various Saturdays. In the spring these matches will transition to Thursday nights and alternate with our PRS style matches. 

Check-in is at the CABIN. Please arrive between 7:30 - 8:20AM. Safety brief will be promptly at 8:30AM and first shots will be by 9AM sharp.  If you need to zero please arrive no later than 7:30AM.


Please fill out the online waiver once per calendar year HERE (Make sure the waiver has multiple requests for initials).

- If you have already filled it out you do not have to again

- ALL guests that accompany you must have the waiver filled out

Cost: $30 upon arrival

Range Address:

10321 Silica Sand Rd. 

Garrettsville, Ohio 44231 

Please contact Matt Stiner directly with questions. Text works the most efficiently. (330) 207-5847