Open Range

*** Please follow the calendar on the HOME page as there will be open range dates and times coming available ***


Click HERE to complete online waiver 1 time per calendar year prior to arrival 

CLICK HERE TO PRINT THE COVID-19 WAIVER and bring to the range with you

Southington Hunt Club is open to the public on dates specified on the calendar. We have 2 ranges available to the public at this time.   We currently do not offer public range time on  any other day of the week.  ALL GUESTS MUST CHECK IN AT THE 700 YARD RANGE. 

Guests can utilize our 300 yard range for pistol, AR, shotgun plinking on our steel targets or we can accommodate shooters with a 100 yard zero range. We host our 3 Gun matches in this area and it can be utilized for training. Rarely will shooters be able to shoot out to 300 yards on this range. Eyes and ears are required on this range as to maintain your personal safety.   

Guests can also utilize our 700 yard range. This range has steel targets from 200 yards to 700 yards that vary in size and shape. All distances will be provided. Shooters MUST have a scope with an external turret capable of dialing elevation. NO iron sites or red dots will be permitted.  The 700 yard range has various props used in our PRS style matches that are available for shooters to train with.  Please do not intentially shoot target racks / bolts / or T-Posts, shooters will be removed from the range for non-compliance.

Safety is our first priority.

· All Shooters are expected to utilize chamber flags when moving their rifles around the range.

· All shooters are expected to utilize a muzzle up when moving their rifles around the range.

*** Absolutely NO magazines are to be in a firearm unless you are on the firing line shooting ***

· AD’s / ND’s will not be tolerated and shooters will be asked to leave.

· All shooters must fill out the annual online waiver HERE once per calendar year.

All shooters must check in at the 700 yard range upon arrival. (When you pull in make a left at the cabin. The 700 range is 100 yards away)

ABSOLUTELY NO GREEN TIP or steel cored ammo is to be used on the property

Please check the Calendar on the HOME page for cancellations or changes.

Cost: $30 per shooter for the day

LARGE Caliber (IE 50BMG - 416 Barrett - ETC) are Not permitted during public open range.

Please contact Matt Stiner to arrange a time that you can utilize the range.


Memberships are not available at this time.