1 Day Introduction to Reactive Shooting Course


The ETF TRAINING GROUP/SOUTHINGTON HUNT CLUB is offering a 1 Day Introduction to Reactive Shooting Course. This course utilizes Rogers Target systems, computer controlled, reactive steel, pneumatic targets. 

Students will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of Reactive Shooting, while getting the instant feedback that steel targets provide. Students will receive approximately two hours of classroom lecture at the beginning of the class, with the remaining time spent on the range. This is a fast paced course designed and based upon statistical perception and human reaction times. There is a maximum of twelve students per class to ensure individualized, one-on-one, instruction.  

The ETF TRAINING GROUP has adopted and teaches the Reactive Shooting Methodology as taught at the Rogers Shooting School in Ellijay, GA. Several of our Instructors have attended the Rogers Shooting School on various occasions, completing training in both handgun and carbine. 

The ETF TRAINING GROUP/SOUTHINGTON HUNT CLUB have brought this level of training to Northeast, Ohio. We are now offering courses to Local, State, and Federal law enforcement Agencies, Military Units, as well as qualified and select civilians and corporate groups.  Our one day introduction class will cover the Methodology of Reactive Shooting, and allow the attendees to experience this type of shooting in person, first hand. There will be a classroom lecture, as well as dry fire and live fire range demonstrations on the pneumatic reactive steel target system. Each student will have a significant amount of live fire range time shooting on the systems.   

The Rogers Target System was first utilized at the Rogers Shooting School. The School has been in the shooting instruction business for over forty years and enjoys an almost legendary status as leaders in the Tactical Firearms Community. The Rogers School and their training methodology are considered the pinnacle of defensive shooting instruction by elite Military and Law Enforcement Units all over the world.  

The chief instructor at the Rogers School is Bill Rogers. He is a former FBI Agent, police instructor, successful inventor, and is well known for his multiple contributions to a diverse spectrum of products in the shooting industry. Rogers has invented many of the holsters and equipment used by police and military worldwide. He also invented the target system, and the method of instruction used at the school.  

The design of the Rogers Target System is based on several very important factors: human reaction time and the type/size of targets (and partially exposed targets), a person is likely to encounter out to twenty yards. The shooter's actions are started by the visual cue of the targets appearing, instead of an audible tone from a timer/whistle/command. This helps train the shooter in action/reaction type responses, which is very applicable to real world encounters. 

The shooter's stance, grip, draw stroke, sight alignment, trigger press, and reloads have to be done correctly within human reaction time. At both a conscious and sub-conscious level, the target system forces the shooter to speed up and adapt in order to improve their performance. Anything slow or flawed and the targets disappear before the shooter can engage them within the set human reaction time. The system can be used for pistol, shotgun, and rifle (pistol caliber carbine).  

Under the direction of ETF TRAINING GROUP, students will be shown various methods to improve their shooting technique and weapons manipulation. This, in turn, will train students to adapt to the speed of the target system. Using correct repetition, their skill set is greatly improved and the target system constantly pushes them to be better and more proficient with their weapon systems.  This type of Reactive Shooting training has a significant impact upon the student’s shooting abilities.       

Students should complete this course using a high quality duty or competition grade pistol. Using a high capacity 9mm caliber pistol for this course is also recommended. Students must also use a high quality holster, mag pouch, and belt.    

Location: SOUTHINGTON HUNT CLUB/EDGE Tactical Foundation - Reactive Shooting Training Center located at SOUTHINGTON HUNT CLUB & TRAINING FACILITY 10321 Silica Sand Road, Garrettsville, Ohio 44231.

Dates/Times: TBD – for Projected Class Dates. Class times are from 0800 hrs. – 1600 hrs. (+). There will be 30 minutes for lunch each day. Students will be required to bring their lunch and beverages to the site.  

Tuition/Cost: TBD – for class pricing.  We encourage those who would like to learn more about Reactive Shooting to inquire about taking this class. If you have any questions regarding this class, or any of the other training that ETF TRAINING GROUP can offer, please contact us at

Prerequisites:  Understanding of general basic firearm operation and safety. It is highly recommended that any student in this class have some previous pistol training. This is NOT a Basic/Beginners level class. 

***In order to qualify for, and get the most training value out of this class, the following standards are recommended for each student. Using front sight focused fire, it is advisable for you to already be capable of safely drawing from a secured duty or competition holster, with hands at chest level as a start position, and be able to place two accurate hits in the upper chest area (“A zone”) of a torso sized target. This standard should be shot at 10 yards, and it should be completed in less than 2 seconds. You should also be able to complete a slide lock reload, from shot to shot (front sight focused/aimed accurate fire), into the (“A zone”) of a target, using a duty grade magazine pouch, in less than 3 seconds. This standard should also be shot at 10 yards. 

Required Ammunition: ***ALL AMMUNITION MUST BE PROVIDED BY THE STUDENT. Each student must bring 400 to 500 rounds of their chosen caliber (9mm, .40, or .45).  All students must use a copper plated bullet such as CCI Blazer Brass, or use a frangible round. ***DUE TO THE SAFETY FACTORS OF SHOOTING ON STEEL TARGETS, NO FULL METAL JACKET OR HOLLOW POINT AMMUNITION IS PERMITTED.  

Required Equipment: Students should bring a duty or competition grade handgun, with a minimum of three magazines (four or more magazines are preferred). They should also use duty or competition grade magazine pouches, a heavy duty pants belt. Students will need to bring eye protection, a set of ear protection (suggested to be electronic), and a baseball type hat.